jueves, 3 de julio de 2008

Vegeta Saiyan By Dgz (UPDATE)

Update: By Zerberus Dante

1. Fxs changed

2. Garlic hou fx fixed

3. Hyperportraits fixed

4. Dbz Fight Mode implemented (New)

5. changed two autocombos

6. Added two atacks classic vegeta moves (b,f + x or y)

7. Bug for some mugen FIXED

8. Chain System combos implemented (New)

9. Air combos implemented (New)

10 Teletransport for combos implemented (New)

11. some moves fixed

12. Hitsparks fixedIsn't Necesaary download the Snd file again...

Code : Francinaldo & Zerberus Dante
Sprites : Nachonal
Sounds : Nachonal(Japanese and Spanish) & Francinaldo(Portuguese)
Fxs : Zerberus Dante, UG, Sawady and classic open sourse
Version : 1.2



pass: solomugen.blogspot.com

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