jueves, 3 de julio de 2008

Chrono nos muestra sus lanzamientos

Comments: Firey Angel 18's public beta has been released! She is the first to experience my all new gameplay system. Well really its a complete reworking of my old one, with less QCF moves and more other moves, comboing will be far enhanced, as will graphics as well. She will have team special and supers with 17. Her color is pink and element is fire.
Download(Beta 0.70): 18.rar

Comments: Intended to be just another quick and simple character, but changed for the greater good. Despite the sprites being mainly SB1 based, the character itself is one of the best I've done. For an Imperfect Cell, it's much closer to Perfect than many other Cells out there!

Download: i-cell.rar

Comments: Since the update to 1.5, the already fun to play as Trunkz become fun to fight against. A new AI and some gameplay and slight graphical updates, as well as intros and shorter trans sequence added. The new Trunkz is tougher and better than ever.

Download: trunkz.rar

web: Chrono_Strife

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